Unions WA Western Australia

UnionsWA is the state's peak union body, representing over 30 affiliated unions which have over 150,000 members in Western Australia. Unions provide an opportunity for employees to join together with others in their workplace and their industry to have a say about their pay, conditions, workplace health and safety and how work may impact on their lives for the better.

The idea of working together with other people - in a workplace, in an industry, or in your community, is one of the central driving forces behind unionism. The same principle applies within UnionsWA. WA unions are speaking together on behalf of their members and can provide a stronger and clearer voice when it comes to issues that face working people and their families. If you work and are not a member of your union, you can find out how to >join here. Not just workplace issues UnionsWA does not only speak on workplace issues. We also liaise with indigenous and ethnic communities, social justice and environmental groups.

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