Toshiba 55ZL1 55 Inch 3D LED TV

Loaded with a number of mouth-watering features, including the powerful CEVO engine, the Toshiba 55ZL1 55" 3D LED TV is the new upcoming flagship HDTV.

  • Capability to perform 2D to 3D conversion
  • 3D depth control
  • HDD video recording
  • Auto Calibrations
  • Face recognition (allowing you to switch to your personal settings after it identifies you with its integrated camera)
  • Personalized channel list capability
  • WLAN features to support SMART-TV online platform
  • CEVO engine

Boasting 3072 LEDs which are arranged into 512 dimming zones, dubbed "PRO LED 512", the 55ZL1 has the highest for a consumer-grade HDTV so far, delivering the highest possible contrast with the deepest blacks and brightest whites on the same screen. The top luminance claims to be as high as 1000 cd/m2, which may prove useful in countering the darkening effects of 3D glasses.


More information will be available shortly.

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