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    Tint a Car.

  • What we do

    We are passionate about what we do and are constantly finding new and improved ways to integrate our products into the most sophisticated of vehicles.

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    The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency are responsible for testing the UPF factor rating for any claims made by products that block UV rays.


Car Tinting & Protection

Why wrap your car? Glad you asked!

From customisation to complete transformation, express your individuality with Vehicle Wraps from 3M by Tint a Car. You can even bundle 3M wrap with your tint! Contact a store to see what packages we can do for you.

A few reasons to wrap:

  • It gives your car a really unique look
  • You can personalise your ride however you’d like! Choose to get a full car wrap or a partial wrap of bonnet, mirrors, doors, roof, quarter’s your choice!
  • It acts as a durable and protective layer for your paintwork
  • It's a removable vinyl film with no residual damage, so you can remove it anytime
  • Custom car wraps are also really great to promote your business and generate enquiry while you're on the road.
  • Many colours and textures available from 3M

Paint Protection Film

The first scratch hurts the prevent the pain and keep your car looking newer longer with one of the highest quality, most durable paint protection films in the industry. High gloss and virtually invisible to the naked eye, Tint a Car's Paint Protection Film shields your car from the damages of everyday driving.

It's the ultimate defense against stone chips, scratches and scrapes!

Tint a Car’s Paint Protection Film has superior durability to stand up against the hazards of the road, such as rocks, road debris, salt and sand. It helps shield the areas of your vehicle that are the most vulnerable, as well as providing a high gloss finish. Best of all, it’s a self-healing clear coat that’s scratch and crack-resistant.

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