The Sleepyhead Difference

For over 70 years Sleepyhead have been at the forefront of bed manufacturing and are regarded worldwide as innovators in bedding technology. Every Sleepyhead bed is manufactured to the highest demands and specifications...

Comfort Layers

he Comfort Layers sit between the core support system of the mattress, and your body. At Sleepyhead we pride ourselves on using only products of the highest quality in our mattresses. As Comfort Layers are closest to your body....

Sleep Systems

Sleepyhead's investment in to their extensive research and development programme has resulted in a wide range of different sleep systems, all designed to give you the best support possible. Sleepyhead prides itself on being the leader...

Base Technologies

Especially designed to work together, the mattress and foundation should be replaced as a set to ensure you get the best support and longest life out of your mattress. Sleepyhead base technologies provide a more durable...

Welcome to Sleepyhead!

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    Our Range

    Through each of our Sleepyhead distributors we have a comprehensive range of great beds. With such a huge range to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect...

    Getting a Healthy Sleep

    We all know the importance to our health of getting a good night's sleep, but how do we make sure we are also getting a healthy...

    Size and Information

    Always buy the biggest bed you can. The more room you have in your bed the better quality of sleep you will have, especially if you're sleeping with a partner...


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