Solar Pool Heating

Whether you purchased your swimming pool for exercise, entertainment or even therapeutic reasons, you have probably found that without some form of pool heating, it can often be too cold to enjoy. Solar pool heating is the most...

Gas & Electric Heating

Want to swim 24hrs a day 365 days a year? Whilst solar heating is the most efficient way to heat your pool or spa, it is best used to extend your swimming season or gain you that few extra degrees in summer. If it's year round swimming pleasure that you require..

Pool Blankets & Rollers

Sick & tired of topping up the chemicals and water in your pool? Did you know that by using a pool blanket you will greatly reduce your evaporation and demand on pool chemicals, and also keep your pool cleaner & warmer.

Pumps –Filters – Chlorinators

Dealing with all Perth's major swimming pool wholesalers, we sell, install & repair a huge range of all brands and types of filtration equipment.

Welcome to Harper Pool Works!

We provide personal expert service and competitive prices over a wide range of products.
    Harper Pool Works

    Harper Pool Works has over 11 years experience in the swimming pool industry and has been servicing the Perth area for the last 6 years. We are a small group of professionals...

    Why Choose Harper Pool Works?

    Being a small organisation, the lack of pushy sales reps. & middle men allows us to deliver a more personal service at the best price. Unlike bigger companies...

    Solar Heating & Accessories

    Their advanced computer sizing system is used to accurately determine a cost effective solution to your pool heating needs. This way you know you are never...


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