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Fisher & Paykel







Electrical and Gas Products

“Just a quick note to say I really love your service, not only from the pricing perspective, but also from the polite, professional and very timely responses I have received. Keep up the great work! Thanks again for making my pay check go further.”
HSU Member.

“I used ShopRite for the first time and the service was absolutely brilliant. I requested an enquiry for electrical item, received a prompt response and explained the next steps. I call Sharon at your office and she was great in explaining what needed to happen next and her customer service was great. The next day I collected my electrical item and again the service at the store was exceptional by the ShopRite rep. My customer experience was first class and I saved 40% by using ShopRite. Well done ShopRite!!”
ASU Member.

“Thank you very much indeed for getting a great discount for the Samsung Recorder that I have recently purchased. A magnificent savings, especially as I have to budget for these products. Thank you again.”
TPI Member

“I just joined ShopRite, purchased a 55 inch Samsung LCD TV at an unbeatable price, saved hundreds of $$. Great service, very friendly, thanks heaps ShopRite! I’ll be back.”
ShopRite Member.

“As a first time user of ShopRite I am amazed at how much money you saved me today whilst purchasing a 32” LG LN5400. I pick up the item in two weeks at an incredibly low price all thanks to you. I will definitely be using ShopRite with all/any future purchases.”
MUA Member.

“Guys I have bought a bunch of stuff from you over the years. From cars to electric toothbrushes… Just check my log! I come to you because you always supply me with the best prices. And you offer a pleasant and professional service. When I have had the odd issue with a supplier you have been onto sorting it very quickly. That aspect of your business also impresses me and gives me confidence when looking to buy a product. It shows great customer service… Sadly becoming a rarer event in the retail sector. Good job and I will continue to support and recommend this great service.”
CSA Member.

“I would just lie to take the opportunity to thank you for our support and service regarding member purchases through ShopRite. Both you and Tony are very professional, and you render a great service with great savings, I bought a GoPro recently and saved approximately $90 on the item. This was a great surprise but was beaten today when I purchased a SD card and could not believe a saving of $100 on an item of $198. This was a tremendous saving and I phoned Sharon to thank her in person. Great service and great savings. Thanks a million to Sharon, Tony and the ShopRite team.”
United Voice Member.

“Just wanted to express my thanks to ShopRite for the great deal you organized for me for the purchase of goods for my new home. I wanted seven items: 2 televisions, wall bracket, fridge, vacuum cleaner, sound bar and steam mop. After getting my best prices, I contacted ShopRite who came back to me within one working day with great prices. Initially, I had only five items to purchase, but wanted other items, so was given the contact details of Mark at Harvey Norman. Mark was very helpful and I added the items to my list. Overall, I saved over $500 on the best prices I had been able to get. Additionally, delivery for all the items to my home (even on Saturday) is only $45. A couple of the items are not in stock, but not a problem for me and I will take delivery of my goods on my return from my upcoming holiday. Good news was that the Dyson vacuum cleaner I wanted is being upgraded and I will get the new model when it hits the shops.
Thank you ShopRite. I have spoken to a number of my union colleagues to advise them of the great service and deal you achieved for me.”
CPSU Member.

“Just wanted to say thanks very much for getting me such a good competitive price. I have since ordered the monitor and look forward to your assistance in the future.”
WAPUW Member.

“I recently purchased a new refrigerator and as always used ShopRite to get me the best price. I made big savings using this wonderful service. I have been a ShopRite member now for many years and have always found the staff to be wonderful and prompt. All in all a great experience with prompt delivery and easy transactions. Will definitely be using them again when I next need to purchase a new item. Thanks for the wonderful service provided.”
ANF Member.

“Very happy with the service and secured a terrific price for me.”
WASSEA Member.

“Just wanted to personally thank you for always sourcing my appliances and gaining the best price. To your credit, it never seems too much to source anything anytime, and for that I am most appreciative.
On another note, Mark from Harvey Norman has continued to also be most helpful. My Fisher & Paykel rangehood finally arrived after 3.5 months and whilst this was no fault of his, I was most appreciative with his honesty and continued updates with the manufacturer’s inefficiency. Please do pass on my appreciation to him. Thanks again.”
PDMBA Member.

“Thanks for your help today with obtaining our vacuum cleaner. This was our first time using ShopRite and with your help we were more than happy with our buy. Thanks for your friendly and helpful service.”
ANF Member.

“Thank you so much for your time and service this has been a first for me. Your friendly Sharon was extremely helpful. I have now purchased a new fridge which will be delivered in the next couple of days very efficient. I will use your services again.”
IEUWA Member.

“When I relocated to Perth with only my swag & backpack, I decided to try ShopRite for the convenience of having them do the shopping around for me. A few months later, I had a fully furnished house & had saved myself over $4000. I couldn't be happier with the service & staff at ShopRite and would recommend anyone give Daniel and his team a call.”
MUA Member.

“Having just bought a new Fisher & Paykel fridge, we are astonished at the saving and the prompt delivery, I will definitely purchase again.”
TPIWA Member.




Motor Vehicles

"I thought you might like to know we bought a car yesterday. Whilst we don't actually have it yet, I must say that Ken has been particularly patient and helpful during this process. My husband has been out of action (two knee replacements) and Ken has worked around our situation and is even going to take me to Midland tomorrow to collect the vehicle. I have no hesitation in recommending this service, as without it, the idea of a new car would have remained just that- an idea. Thanks so much to ShopRite."
DWA Member.

“I would just like to say a BIG thank you to the help you have given us with the acquisition of our new car – we commend your service. This is now the 4th car we have purchased with your help (2 for us, one each for 2 of our children) – amongst other items such as a fridge and TV. We couldn’t be happier; please pass on our thanks and appreciation to Ken, who has helped us twice.”
ASU Member.

“Just wanted to say thank you to ShopRite and in particular Ken, who got a great deal on a new car for us after we had spent days doing the rounds of car dealerships. Within minutes of contacting ShopRite, Ken made contact with me, listen to what we were looking for and started contacting dealerships to get the best deal on our behalf. Ken was able to arrange test driving, negotiations and he got the exact vehicle we wanted just over $2000 less than the best price we had managed to get ourselves. Many thanks”
CEPU Member.

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the great service you provided for me recently in the purchase of my new Mazda 3.  From the moment I contacted Shoprite I felt you were working hard to secure the best deal for me and the regular phone calls keeping me informed of the progress was great communication.
I especially appreciated your understanding when I stated it was moving too fast for me and how you graciously back off without making me feel guilty or pressured.
Your enthusiasm when I gave you the go ahead two weeks later was encouraging and added to the excitement of purchasing my first “brand new” car.  I loved the fact that I wasn’t required to have any interaction with a car salesman and I really felt that I had a friend on my side doing the bidding for me.
I have already told a number of people about my positive experience with Shoprite and won’t hesitate to sing your praises again.”
ANF Member.

“I wanted to thank you for the hassle free process of ordering my new car and the friendly and helpful manner in which you carried it out. I am grateful that I didn't have to deal with the dreads of buying a vehicle from a dealership i.e. the pressure that can be applied, the persistent phone calls and believing that the price offered is the best price I can get. As I mentioned I will certainly recommend ShopRite, and your services in particular, to my friends and colleagues should they be interested in purchasing a vehicle.”
CPSU CSA Member.

“I live in the country and my daughter recently moved to Perth for Uni. We wanted to purchase a safe reliable car that would give us peace of mind when she made the 5-hour drive home during Uni breaks. We surfed the net trying to decide on the car that would be suitable and then proceeded to visit our local car dealers for a closer inspection. The new Suzuki SX4 model that we wanted was not available anywhere in the country. In all the years that I have been a member of AWU I have never thought to use ShopRite to purchase anything, but in this instance I am glad I did. I sent of my details and filled out an enquiry form never thinking I would get a phone call that very afternoon from Ken. After passing on more information I never gave it another thought as it was late Friday afternoon and I wasn't expecting anything more till the following Monday, so I was totally surprised when Ken rang back that night and told me he had found the exact car that we were looking for and $490 deducted off the price. We drove to Perth the following morning, went for a test drive and purchased the vehicle that day. I would like to thank Ken for the amazing service that he provided as it certainly took the stress out of buying a vehicle. I will definitely be using ShopRite for future services and will highly recommend it to family and friends.”
AWU Member.

“My husband and I plus my daughter have recently purchased cars using the ShopRite service. It was great and particularly for my daughter took the pressure off her trying to negotiate with dealers etc. So there you go, some more happy customers.”
DWA Member.

“Just bought a new Prado, Ken did a fantastic job in obtaining the vehicle we wanted, and arranged a great trade in for our old one. Saving was almost 4k, a big difference from out local country dealer. Ken seemed to work his magic, and kept in regular contact so we drove to Perth to meet and view. Thanks for adding pleasure in buying a new vehicle, and we will definitely contact Ken again. Exceptional service!!!! Thanks again.”
WAPUW Member.

“I thought you might like to know we bought a car yesterday. Whilst we don't actually have it yet, I must say that Ken has been particularly patient and helpful during this process. My husband has been out of action (two knee replacements) and Ken has worked around our situation and is even going to take me to Midland tomorrow to collect the vehicle. I have no hesitation in recommending this service, as without it, the idea of a new car would have remained just that- an idea. Thanks so much to ShopRite.”
DWA Member.

Retail Partners

“Just wanted to let you know that I joined Bupa Health Insurance through you a year ago, and what a fantastic change it has been for my family. I had been with my previous Health Fund for 28 years, but had been thinking for a while about changing as they gave me very little rebate on certain items. However, it was a scary thought to change fund as I was not sure how I would go being a member of Bupa as they were not very well known and I wasn't sure if their rebates would be any better than my previous fund.
I clicked through to their website via the advert in your newsletter and talked to a Bupa Customer Service Representative, who was lovely and talked me through the premiums I would have to pay and the rebates I could expect on certain items. She then emailed me through a written quote outlining all the details so I had them in writing, and left me to think about if I wanted to go ahead with changing. The premiums on the Bupa Corporate plan were less than I had been paying for my family of 4 with the previous health fund and the Bupa rebates for the items I was interested in were much higher than I had been receiving with the other health fund.
I discussed it with my partner, took a deep breath and decided to change over to Bupa. Once I had made up my mind I contacted the Bupa Customer Service Rep again by phone and she guided me through the whole process and told me exactly what I had to do to ensure a smooth health insurance fund transition. There were no waiting periods for Bupa (except for major dental, and the items classified as major dental were specified to me so I knew not to have these procedures done in the next 12 months). Everything else was claimable immediately.
The staff at Bupa have been fantastic to deal with both on the phone and in store, luckily there is a branch near me in the northern suburbs so I have been able to take paperwork in if I need to. I have submitted many claims to Bupa in the last 12 months for all members of my family and I have to say the rebates have been astonishing compared to my last health fund, I am getting about 75-90% back most times. The claims for dental are the most noticeable compared to my previous health fund, I was only getting 30% rebate previously, and am now getting 90% back. When my son had a private hospital admission recently, everything was covered completely except the surgeon’s fees, which were 75%, covered. I am sure this is due to the fact that we are covered with Bupa’s Corporate Health Plan, which I would not have been able to access without being a member of ShopRite.
I would encourage anyone who is not satisfied with their current health fund to give Bupa a call, mention that you saw them on ShopRite, and get a quote. I am sure you will be as amazed as I was, and although the thought of changing might be scary it is more than worth the effort to get a better result for your family’s health and your household budget!

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