Rotary Clotheslines

Generally known as the Traditional, Original or Old Fashioned Clothesline these are also regarded by many as an Australian icon thanks to the Hills Hoist and are still seen in many Australian back yards. The Fixed Rotary Hoists are still available today and are manufactured by Hills Australia and Austral. They have galvanized tubing and wire lines.

Folding Clotheslines

Modern homes are generally getting bigger as block sizes get smaller resulting in smaller back yards. For this reason the most common style of clothesline is the folding frame also referred to as a ‘Paraline’. Paralines have a folding, steel outer frame with the lines running parallel to the front bar. There are many different sizes available.

Retractable Clotheslines

Retractable or retracting clotheslines can best be described as a cabinet that is mounted to either a wall or a post with a series of lines that can be extended and attached to a receiving bracket that is mounted on another post or wall. The lines can be retracted and stored away inside the cabinet when not in use.

Portable Clotheslines & Airers

Portable Clotheslines can be moved into different locations as needed. Portable clotheslines are sometimes referred to as ‘indoor clotheslines’ or ‘clothes airers’. They are often used for winter drying, as a secondary drying option or for those who have very little yard space. There are a number of different sizes to suit varying requirements.

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    Fixed Rotary Clotheslines

    Generally known as the “Traditional, Original or Old Fashioned Clothesline” these are also regarded by many as an Australian icon thanks to the Hills Hoist and are still...

    Folding Rotary Clotheslines

    Based on the traditional galvanized styled hoist, these clotheslines have become more popular than the older style galvanized hoists over the past 10-15 year...


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