About Us

ShopRite began operations in August 1996 with a concept to provide a discount buying service and other essential services to members belonging to participating organisations.

We have grown over the years, and today we support hundreds of thousands of members who utilise ShopRite to benefit from discounts on a wide range of products and services.

Easy to use

To make it easy for members to find the product they want at the best possible price, we have a dedicated Call Centre. Members are required to be ready to purchase (hence the enquiry to begin with) and to provide the Model number, brand/make, current best price on the date of the request, and the source of the price. (it is preferred that members provide prices from well-known  retailers, as there is more success in obtaining you the stock and after-sales service).

Why Use ShopRite? 

There are many ways that ShopRite can help you save money. Who doesn’t want to save money? As it is basic culture to try to “bag a bargain” or not pay full price, ShopRite endeavour to make that happen as much as possible. Whilst all brands may not be heavily discounted or not at all, please note that the service and negotiation offered to members are not open to the general public and all the hard work is done for you. So, let us find a solution. Ask our staff for options.

Whether it's through our appliance, home and technology service, our Motor Vehicle Buying Service, our trader network, or other numerous money saving benefits, we will try and SAVE members wherever possible! 

Save Time 

If you are looking for appliances, simply use our free App or log on to our easy to use website to request a quote. If you cannot do either, please contact our call centre to request a quote, with all product details at hand. All price results can generally be provided the same day, if not the very next working day. If you require a product “urgently” please advise our staff over the phone, and your request can be expedited to provide a quicker result. Please provide clear notes regarding delivery requirements or any special requests. And yes, we provide delivery options at discounted rates, which our suppliers can discuss with you when you proceed with the purchase. 

Our motor vehicle consultants will search for a great deal on the vehicle you are looking for and save you hours of hassle negotiating with car dealers. Also, be ready to purchase if submitting an enquiry for a motor vehicle.

To get the best use out of our Appliance Buying service follow these four simple steps:

  1. Knowing this is the item you are ready to purchase, please decide on your choice.
  2. Get the MODEL NUMBER, MAKE/BRAND, DESCRIPTION, CURRENT PRICE ON THE DAY of the request, as well as the name of the RETAILER offering that price. For example Model Number: KD65X8000G, Description: Sony 65-inch X80G 4 K UHD LED LCD Smart TV, Today’s Price $1595, and Retailer name.
  3. Complete a web site enquiry OR call 9300 1221 to speak to one of our staff to lodge your enquiry. Take note of your quote request number and your CALL BACK TIME. Please note that when we speak to members, that we identify you before we begin processing.
  4. Our staff will receive the request and commence negotiations to get you the best deal possible. Results will only be provided verbally and only by our Call Centre Staff or management, therefore please call us either the same day or the next business day as required.
  5. What can I expect? Once negotiations have been completed, ShopRite receives a range of different deals from various suppliers and the best deal is passed on to the member. If an item was already on sale, please remember that the price you initially had was possibly already discounted or could be close to cost price. Members may then only receive a small discount or sometimes a price match. Please note that we do not control what pricing we are provided with. We will always negotiate our hardest to get you a great deal and stock of the item. If an item is unavailable, our commercial department can discuss with members when to expect stock. 

What can ShopRite do for you

Many of the advantages of our shopping service are sometimes unclear to members.

First, check to see that you are eligible to use the ShopRite service. If you are eligible you can start saving immediately on the following products and services: If unsure, please contact your organisation. Electrical or gas - white and brown goods

  • Motor vehicles - new and demo, finance and lease options etc
  • Some professional services e.g. health fund, legal, lifesaving etc.
  • An extensive trader network covering many products and services, in and around the home. Please refer to our website for the selection.
  • Health insurance,
  • Travel,
  • Furniture via Gift Cards,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Tyres,
  • Discounted e Gift cards- available though Member log in,
  • Recreation,
  • And more,

Service with a smile

We pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient customer service. Members who use us, love us and are considered “ShopRite Family”

Got a Question

 If you can't find the answer to your question, please call us, and we will be happy to help you.

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