17 Genius Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organised

A perfectly organised kitchen can make cooking and baking easier and maybe even fun. Getting kitchen appliances organised takes a little effort but it will make your life in the kitchen more comfortable and easier. Here, we will share with you 17 genius ways in which you can keep your kitchen clean and organised, and make the time flow smoothly when it comes to preparing and fixing meals in the kitchen.

1. Organise Kitchen Items to Avoid Unnecessary Movements
One way you can make your work in the kitchen easier and comfortable is, to organise the kitchen items in a way that put the important items at your arm’s length, so that you will require minimum movement when performing activities in the kitchen. For instance, you should consider keeping cutlery on a dish stand near the dishwasher instead of in a cabinet.

Moreover, you should keep spices and cooking appliances near the stove, and put chopping boards and knives near the countertop or sink.

2. Save Time by Using Over-the-Sink Cutting Board
Another great way you can make your life easier in the kitchen is to use counter space with an over-the-sink cutting board. This will not only save cabinet space but also prevent food items from spilling on the kitchen countertop or the floor.

3. Keep Kitchen Appliances You Need Handy
You should keep kitchen appliances you need such as juicers, blenders, and food processors within easy reach preferably on your kitchen countertop. This will save time when preparing dishes and drinks as you do not have to search the entire kitchen when you need the appliance.

4. Keep Rarely Used Items Out of Reach
Consider putting kitchen items that are rarely used such as the cookie sheet or a turkey platter higher up or lower down in the cupboard. The less frequently used items must be kept on places that are hard-to-reach that you have to access using a ladder or bending your knees a little. This will declutter your kitchen and keep it perfectly organised and clean.

5. Use of Magazine Holders as a Shelf
You can make use of magazine holders for holding kitchen items. Just place the magazine holder on the kitchen countertop and turn it on the sides to hold plates and other flattish items.

6. Make Use of Magnets
You can make use of magnets placed on cabinet doors to store knives and other metallic cutlery. This will give you additional storage space for holding kitchen items. Just make sure that the magnet is strong enough to hold the cutlery in place.

7. Organise Your Kitchen by Labelling Items
Labelling items is a great way to get kitchen appliances organised. You can label areas like baking section, juice preparation section, and similar sections in your kitchen. You can even label jars so that you know what type of spices are contained in the jars.

8. Hang Cooking Utensils from the Ceiling
You can create more space in the cabinet by hanging pans, pots, and other cooking utensils on an overhead rack. This will not only create additional space but also serve as a decoration item that looks stylish in your kitchen.

9. Consider Doubling Up on Spices
Spices are used in the preparing of many dishes. You can save time in preparing meals by doubling up on spices. By doubling up, we do not mean you should buy separate packs of spices. You can split the spices and keep them in separate jars that are placed in different places in the kitchen such as one near the baking area and the other near the stove.

10. Organise Pot Lids by Hanging on a Towel Rod
A great tip to keep your pot lids organised is by hanging them on a towel rod. This will ensure that you do not waste time in searching for pot lids around the kitchen.

11. Make Use of Rotating Trays
Rotating trays, also known as Lazy Susans, are great for holding items such as vinegars, oils, and other ingredients. You can place the rotating trays on the counter top and inside the refrigerator as well. This will not only make it easy to access the cooking ingredients but also allow you to ensure that they do not spoil or rot due to being out of sight.

12. Place Hooks under the Cabinets
You can hold mugs and cups on hooks placed underneath the cabinets above the countertops. This will save considerable space inside the cabinet and on the kitchen countertop. You should also consider hanging hooks on pantry and cabinet doors to hold kitchen appliances such as oven gloves, measuring cups, and other kitchen gadgets.

13. Group Similar Items Together
You must sort and organise similar items when placing on the counter top or cabinets. Pile up your baking items, group the dishes, sort cooking items, glassware, pans, and other cooking items. Organising and sorting the items will make it easier to find them when required.

14.  Reduce the Paper Clutter
You must reduce the paper clutter in the kitchen by organising and throwing away useless documents and papers. Consider digitizing important papers like recipes or notices and store the originals in a separate file folder elsewhere.

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