Tips for Buying a Used Car – Scams and Features to Avoid

It is believed that extra features in a car come with more comfort and luxury. It is true to an extent but when buying a used car, it is important to keep your focus away from the luxury features and pick a car that best suits your budget. Here are some scams related to used car sales and the expensive features which put the price of a car through the roof.

1. Avoid Convertible Tops and Sunroofs
Different offers on used cars attract buyers with unnecessary perks like sunroofs and convertible tops. These accessories are worth buying if you cannot only afford buying them, but also maintaining and repairing them. You can get insurance deals on used cars, which also cover the repair of sunroofs. The rooftops are mostly designed for the long run but if in any case, they are broken or damaged after the expiration of the warranty of your car, the repair costs could be far more expensive than your expectations.

2. Beware of the Adaptive Features
Adaptive features of a car are specifically designed to adapt to the vehicle with changing atmospheres and environments. For example, an adaptive air conditioner adjusts the temperature of the car’s interior according to the environmental temperature. Adaptive cruise control is one of the most modern features, which automatically adjusts the speed of the car according to the speed of the traffic. Adaptive features are really attractive to have but they lose over traditional air conditioners and vehicle speed controls as any type of breakage or damage may lead to very expensive repair.

3. Less Complicated Systems Come with Road-Convenience
Deals on used cars also include a number of packages including free repair service of adaptive air conditioner for two years. Such tactful packages often appeal to potential buyers but the fact is that these packages are offered for best operating features and equipments only. Apart from repair and maintenance, the charges of mechanics for fancy repairs are also very costly. On the other hand, less complicated or traditional cars can be repaired using your own preferred mechanic. Mechanics of the traditional vehicles are also much cheaper.

4. Look for All the Available Options
Unlike regular shopping, used car shopping requires a lot of research. You may end up with an expensive deal if you simply go to the dealership and purchase a car. Different used car sales are often organised for the convenience of car buyers. You may also check the deals on used cars in the newspapers. Various automobile websites contain negotiable offers on used cars. You just need to do some research on the market prices, find credible sellers and finalise the deal after test-driving the vehicle and bargaining on the car price.

5. Investigate the History of the Car and the Owner
Most of the used car scams happen when a car or the owner is involved in an act of crime. Make sure to submit the car’s number plate and engine chassis number to the police department and investigate about the history of the car. Replacing the original car parts with cheaper parts and selling at the rate of original vehicle is common. Such crimes are committed either by low-level criminals or people linked with such criminals. Make sure to check the police record of the car owner. Also investigate the reputation and public image of the owner from people.

Some important tips to buy used cars include negotiating like a pro, checking the car parts and their functionality with the help of a personal mechanic, researching about the paperwork including insurance documents and closing the deal by credit card instead of cash.

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