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The Benefits of Selling Your Car Quickly

What do most people look for when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, of course, the car itself, but also a discounted used cars price is always the main attraction when selling your car privately, then the make, or model the buyer is looking to buy? Colour and options that they want? How many kilometres has the vehicle done? Once a potential buyer is happy with what the seller is offering only then will they try to make contact.

There are things like dings dents scratches and wheel scuffs that some people may care about, and others may not—especially on a car that is older, with higher kilometres on the clock. It may be worth taking some small measures to address some of these things (e.g., putting some touch-up paint on any chips or scratches, you would be surprised what a little polish can do.)

If you’re selling a newer or more expensive car, it may be worth going a little further to make it closer to pristine. If it’s in excellent overall condition, but there are one or two small dents, it might be beneficial to spend a few hundred dollars to have a body shop fix those. Buyers will often pay more if the vehicle is in excellent condition.

Whatever the year or the price of your car, one thing that always helps increase the chances of someone buying it is a good cleaning vehicle. If it’s spotless, inside and out, it looks its best. A clean car gives the impression that it’s been well cared for, which is of course very important to most buyers.

selling my car quickly
Polishing My Car


It would be a great idea to make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound and up-to-date on services check for oil changes, chips on the windscreen and any other service the manufacturer recommends. It’s also useful to know about things that may need replacing soon, like tyres. You certainly don’t need to put new tyres on a car you’re about to sell, but you should be ready to discuss it with your potential buyers. You may want to tell them that you’ve priced the car a little lower to account for the fact it will need new tyres soon, or to have a counteroffer amount in mind in case they make an offer below your asking price based on the need for new tyres.

There’s nothing more frustrating than listing your car for sale and then hearing nothing for days. You’re ready to sell it because you’re moving, or you need the money pay bills, or you have your eye on another car that you’re eager to bring home. If you’re not getting the interest, you think your vehicle deserves, and if it’s taking a long time to sell, the price is the most likely culprit.

Otherwise, holding out for that ideal price might mean many extra weeks on the market. Those are weeks you spend waiting. Maybe you don’t hear from any interested buyers. Alternatively, perhaps you do, but you spend much time showing your car to people whom all end up offering considerably less than your asking price. Better to merely price it a little lower and attract a lot more buyers right away which also increases the chances that someone is going to buy it at asking price, without trying to negotiate down.

Sometimes even a relatively small reduction in price can suddenly open up a lot more potential buyers; if you have your budget car listed at $15,400, for example, and you drop the price to $15,000, it may put you within more buyers’ price range. Because many people use search filters, and if they’ve set a maximum price of $15,000, even if your car set at $15,100, they’ll never see it. So whatever amount you list your car at, keep in mind that reducing it by just a few hundred dollars will likely make it show up in a lot more buyers’ searches. Also, will mean selling it faster, so you can buy your next car!

Selling Your Car

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