10 Tips to Buy Your First Car – Teen Driving

Car ownership is not just a luxury but a huge responsibility as well. When you buy your first car, make sure that you are fully prepared not only financially but mentally as well. Apart from the fuel, maintenance, insurance and tax expenses, owning a car also comes with emergency and surprise expenses of accident recovery. The car sales in Australia are uprising for younger audience. When buying first vehicle for teens, keep the given 10 tips in mind to play it safe.

1. Preparing Teen When Breaking the News
When your teen is legally allowed and technically equipped with driving knowledge, it is the time to break the news. The teens will be already excited to own new cars therefore try to kill suspense from the news of buying teens first vehicle. The parents should tell the teens that a used car is going to occupy the vacant space in the garage. They should also decently teach the teens about the responsibility of owning a car. Teaching them about managing the finances related to car and taking ethical and legal responsibility on roads is vital to make their driving experiences pleasurable.

2. Discuss the Budgeting Tips
As a young driver, it would be difficult for you to manage the college fees and expenses along with affording your new car. When buying teens first vehicle, the parents should discuss the budgeting tips with them including these.

– Fix a percentage of your monthly budget for the car. Put the money in monthly savings if you are lucky enough to save the money for car. It may be used in emergency situations instead of borrowing money from someone.
– Upgrade your car only when it is essentially needed.
– Learn to check the mechanics of your car on your own rather than paying for the expensive mechanics and electricians.
– Keep it clean and drive safely on the road to avoid maintenance and repair expenses.
– When it comes to choosing an option from paying for the college expenses or your car, always choose to pay for your college expenses.

3. Research and Do Your Homework
When you buy your first motor-vehicle, it is important to keep a number of things in mind including the car technicalities, mechanics, model, your monthly budget and insurance costs.

– Make a list of the car models and note down the technical points including fuel mileage, engine horsepower, model and other related technical points.
– Sum up the fees involved in the process of buying teens first car.
– Sum up your budget and specify a percentage of your budget o car expenses.
– Collect market data and find out the least expensive markets.
– Take references and suggestions from neighbours and friends.

4. Inspection and Test-Driving
When you go to buy your first motor vehicle, make sure that you take an adult or trusted mechanic with you for inspection and test-driving. Just 20 minutes of ride can tell the condition to an automobile expert. Avoid the mechanic provided by the owner of the car and rely on the mechanic referred by your parents or guardian only.

5. Negotiation is the Key to Safe Buying
When buying teens first motor vehicle, the parents should participate in the process of negotiation or teach the teens about negotiation techniques. Negotiating like a pro includes researching the market prices before negotiation, starting with the lowest possible prices, checking the car model and engine number, asking to reduce the price on the basis of technical faults and negotiating with an attitude of moving away from an unfair deal.

6. Buy a Safer Vehicle
Different exhibitions and events of car sales in Australia teach about checking the safety ranking of a car. When selecting the best deals on car, make sure that the car is safer to drive on the roads by teens. Apart from the essential safety accessories like airbags, make sure that the car also offer technical and electrical safety.

7. Quality Check for Teens
Instead of picking the best deals on cars, look for best cars for teens. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive vehicle with luxury accessories when buying teens first car. The best cars for teens contain teen accessories like music system and GPS. But you may also choose a cheaper car without accessories and upgrade it later. As a teen driver, you should not compromise on the quality of mechanical parts and safety features when you buy your first car.

8. Check the Background of Vehicle and Owner
Any vehicle involved in a crime may put your teen kid into trouble. The best cars for teens have crime-free police record. You may track the record of car from websites of car sales in Australia or visit the nearby crime reporting centre. Also check the background of the owner. Criminal car owners may replace the original parts with fake ones and sell the vehicle at the price of original car parts.

9. Don’t Pay for Exterior
A few scratches and dents on the car’s exterior may reduce the car price down to thousands of dollars. When buying teens vehicle, don’t pay for the exterior. The dents and scratches can be fixed with DIY techniques or with the help of a professional car mechanic. On the other hand, the young driver may come back home with new scratches and dents every day.

10. Upgrade for Security
Any car can be upgraded for security. Include the security upgrading items in your budget like Electronic Stability Control and Anti-lock Brake System. Also, download the tracking, security and navigation apps in the mobile phone of the teen for higher security on the road.

Above all, keep monitoring the driving, road attitude and responsibility of the teens. Also, teach them about the defensive tips on the road including traffic laws and getting legal or technical help from a professional.

Top 6 Kitchen Appliances To Make Student Life Comfortable

In the lead up to starting a new chapter in life at college or university, students begin to gather their belongings together. During this time many realise they do not have all of the essentials they require.
Some dorms are fully furnished, yet many students realise they require various appliances to make live in life easier and more convenient. Here we have listed the top six kitchen appliances in Australia to make student life more comfortable and convenient.

1. Coffee Maker
The students need to fuel themselves up to complete the urgent assignments or prepare notes for the next test. Sometimes, it is just bad time management by the students, and sometimes they need to be wide awake at odd times so that they can study. In all circumstances, coffee is your best friend, especially if you are not a morning person or find it difficult to keep from dosing off while preparing for an exam. Coffee makers are one of the top demanded kitchen appliances in Perth.

A coffee maker will help you satisfy the sudden craving for a hot, steaming cuppa, and will help save money at the same time. Visiting the coffee shop frequently not only takes its toll on your wallet but also distracts you. A single serving pod brewer with an insulated mug is the best thing a student can have for the dorm.

Tip – When buying kitchen appliances like the coffee maker, make sure that it requires minimal cleanup. Avoid white colour or other lighter shades.

2. Small Blender
Students are always running short of time. At home, the mothers take care of their meals but at the college dorm, they need a quick-mom-alternative for preparing meals without wasting time. A small blender is an amazing equipment to make a smoothie or a milkshake before catching the first class at college. Blenders are also good to make instant jelly or pudding to satisfy your hunger whenever the need arises.

TipBuy a small plastic blender to avoid breakage and check the sharpness of the blades. A small blender with 1 litre jug, 1 serving glass, and detachable blades for cleaning will be a good choice for a busy dorm life.

3. Electric Cooker
A small electric cooker is all a student wants to enjoy home-like meals prepared in the shortest possible time. There are many good brands of kitchen appliances on the market which come with quick recipes and built-in auto-cook functions to help the students cook food in less time. You may also pick quick recipes from the internet. Different types of cookers can also be selected from kitchen appliances online.

TipPurchase an electric cooker with adjustable heating system. Instead of selecting the touch mode, select a cooker with a switch to choose the heating or cooking number. Electric cookers with switches tend to expire later than the touch button cookers. Also, choose a darker shade of the cooker for convenient cleaning.

4. Portable Cooktop Burner
Induction cooktop burners are portable burners which allow the students to cook food the traditional way. Apart from exhibiting their specialty or traditional foods in the college events, the students may also want to cook home-like food on the weekends or cook something special for a party at a friend’s place. Induction cooktop burners are also safer to cook all types of foods as they don’t use gas flames or electricity.

Tip – Choose an induction cooktop burner with alternative cooking system as well so that it keeps working even if the induction system fails in any sudden case.

5. Microwave Oven
Many students prefer cooking food in the microwave oven. Apart from the cooking microwave ovens, simpler and smaller microwave ovens may also be purchased to heat the stored food for midnight cravings or serve food to the friends. Microwave ovens also come with microwave cookware including bacon rack, food steamer, and waffle mould. Choose a compact microwave with cooking options and purchase the microwave cookware according to your choice.

Tip – Microwaves come in a variety of colours. Silver gray and brown microwaves tend to get less dirty as compared to white and black microwave ovens. Make sure that you pick the right colours if you choose pattern designs when buying kitchen appliances.

6. Dorm Size Refrigerator
As students, we know that we always need something to munch even if we are unable to finish the platter. A dorm size refrigerator is required to keep not only the leftover food but also to store fresh food items. The kitchen appliances in Perth offer great variety in refrigerator sizes, style, quality and customization.

Tip – For purchasing the dorm size refrigerator, buy the one with more number of shelves and a small built-in freezer. Choose a colour that requires less cleaning like metal gray and silver blue.

It is ideal to start preparing for your move weeks before the big day. For purchasing the electric and dorm supplies, search kitchen appliances online, note down the model numbers and prices and visit the local stores to buy the products only after checking them at the store.

10 Easy Low Budget Tips To Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

You might have skipped the idea of upgrading your kitchen due to restricted budget or a common myth that upgraded kitchens are expensive. You don’t need a designer or a lot of bank balance for upgrading kitchen appliances. These easy, low-budget hacks will help you upgrade your home kitchen appliances and live the most modern life the economic way.

1. Make a List of All the Important Things Including Those You Don’t Need
Upgrading your kitchen also includes buying the right combination of home kitchen appliances and giving a theme to your kitchen. It is important to make a list of every items included in the kitchen appliances including those items which you don’t need right at the moment. For example, if someone wants to upgrade the kitchen for saving energy, the person needs to upgrade everything from stove to microwave, coffee  machines, and dishwasher.

It will also help you make an estimate of your expenses and save more money by upgrading kitchen appliances together. If you don’t want to miss any item from upgrading, search ‘buy kitchen appliances online’.

2. Make a List of the Most Important Items
At any time of upgrading your kitchen, you may go over-budget. For playing it safe, make a list of the most important items so that you may deduct the less needed items for the list if needed. Another option is to save money by buying cheap kitchen appliances that are not much needed.

3. Know Your Stay Time
Are you planning to buy a new home? Then think again about your plan to upgrade the kitchen. Most often, the kitchen appliances are also sold out with the home; therefore, investing in your kitchen is wise only if you want to live in your current house for at least the next five years.

4. Replace Items
If you are on a tight budget, the best way is to look thoroughly into your kitchen and select items which you really need the most. If you are a professional chef, you will need to replace a wide range of household kitchen appliances but if you are not a professional cook, and only want to cook special recipes on weekends, then buy cheap kitchen appliances/ used appliances to replace the least needed ones.

5. Research
Upgrading kitchen appliances is the dream of every cooking enthusiast. Look around the kitchens of friends and relatives, and ask about latest appliances, market rates, and places to shop from them. Do some online research as well and checking the online retail stores. You can also check the websites of popular kitchen appliance manufacturers.

6. Look Into the Markets
The more time you spend doing your research about upgrading kitchen appliances, the better deals you will get. Apart from the online research, also visit the markets to check the latest technology in the market and compare the rates offered by different brands for similar products.

7. Look for Manufacturer Rebates
The market is always full of deals by different manufacturers of household kitchen appliances. You may wait for an upcoming event or special day or simply ask the retailer about the brands offering rebates. It can help you to instantly add up to your budget by taking advantage of the rebate time allotted by the manufacturers.

8. Buy Bundles
The manufacturer will offer you huge discounts if you purchase all or many appliances from one manufacturer. Bundle-buying also helps you to build relations with retailers and manufacturers and retailers for future buying. Don’t forget to ask the retailer about their deals for used items. If there is a deal available at the moment, take all your operating home kitchen appliances for resale within warranty.

9.  Take Measurements According to Your Needs
The requirement of every family is different for household kitchen appliances. The price of a kitchen appliance of different model and size will be cheaper or higher than the one which is bigger in size or different in model. Sometimes, similar models of an appliance may or may not have extra kitchenware which increases or decreases the price. Know your measurements and gather the details about model number and other accessories by searching ‘buy kitchen appliances online’.

10. Take Advantage of Tax-Time Sales
During the federal tax return time, the manufacturers introduce new models and put old models on sale. This is the peak time of buying and selling the home kitchen appliances and this is why the prices are set the lowest in the year. Take advantage of the tax-time sale and pick your ideal items by completing your research before the tax-time.

When upgrading your kitchen, maintain a balance between budget and quality of the products. Make sure that the appliances you purchase are usable for years to come. A well-upgraded kitchen also increases the price of your home.

Comprehensive Guide on Smart TV Buying in Australia

Meaning of a Smart TV

A smart TV was initially known as “Connected TV” and was branded by big companies, namely, LG and Samsung as the “smart TVs”. A smart TV means any type of television that can be easily connected with the Internet for streaming media and media access and to run certain entertainment apps like, online music stations, rental video services or web browsers. Nearly all the major Television manufacturers are making smart TV these days. The list of the biggest smart television manufacturers includes TCL, Sony, Sharp, Teac, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Hisense.

Smart TV and the internet connection

Smart TVs are required to be connected to an Internet network. For this, they require either a direct, built in Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection which is then connected to a home network. People having big homes should double check the coverage of their Wi-Fi. Suppose, if the smart TV is placed in the basement and the Wi-Fi router is placed on the third floor, then the smart TV will certainly not able to stream the online media and will work with a lot of hiccups.

If you are encountering a lot of problems while connecting your smart TV to the internet connection, you have got a few options that might provide a solution to your weak wireless signal problem but the options are not foolproof. The first remedy is to try moving your Wi-Fi router close to where the smart TV is placed. If your Wi-Fi router is quite old, say more than five years, then consider replacing it with a new one as the latest wireless routers have a greater standard range than the old ones. If none of the above mentioned solutions work, then you can also consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender which is provided by companies like Netgear. But these extenders need a lot of patience and some time to install and set up.

Software and New Features

Smart TV’s do not have a standard interface or an operating system which can distinguish them from each other. But, practically, every smart TV manufacturer uses a unique graphical presentation and different software. Further, most of the smart TV makers are customizing and adding their own apps. They are also doing regular software updates and if some company adds a new feature like twitter, then the other companies follow the suit.

You can also compare the prices of various brands of Smart TV in Australia. There are many deals on the smart TVs and you can buy one at a cost of $150 or more. Smart TV prices are quickly narrowing and soon will have all the major inbuilt smart services. So, smart TV prices are giving you more than just an internet connection and the entertaining apps. At this price, smart TVs also offer video processing or an awesome quality of pictures and an HDMI port at the back. You can find the best smart TV deals in Australia! Some manufacturers even give the added advantage of free delivery.

Each and every smart TV manufactured by different manufacturers can be distinguished because of the usage of different software and different apps. Before deciding to purchase a smart TV, the users should check on the manufacturer’s website that which features and apps are they giving in the smart TV.

Pros and Cons Associated With The Purchase of Smart TVs

No doubt that the price of Smart TVs is a bit high as compared to the “non- smart” TVs. But with the associated higher costs come the benefits of convenience and the complete entertainment with full internet access and the apps. Many people are of the view that purchasing a smart TV is not a wise decision at all. But, certainly smart TVs are a great and unique piece of technology.


  1. Smart TVs do not require the purchase of an OTT box.
  2. Smart TVs provide access to Hulu and Netflix TV movies and shows with an internet access.
  3. Some of the Smart TVs let their users listen to their favorite music. Further, users can also connect their smart TV to the Amazon music and play their favorite songs.
  4. Smart TVs provide an easy access to the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, etc.
  5. Game lovers can play their favorite games on a smart TV such as angry birds and much more.
  6. A smart TV comes with an added advantage of a remote control feature. The user can access all the apps through smart TV and control it through a remote. The search types become more efficient as the user has access to the QWERTY keypad.


  1. Smart TVs are a bit costly than other TVs in the market. They involve twenty to twenty five percent additional costs because of the OTT box etc.
  2. Although smart TVs enable the social media access, but social media such as Facebook and Twitter are already accessible through our smart phones. So, there is no need to go for a smart TV purchase especially for such features.
  3. There are some smart TVs, which have some very high end apps already included in them and there is no scope to add more apps or update them. So the user is stuck. So while purchasing a smart TV, ensure that you can add more apps to your smart TV.


As the entertainment options accessible through internet are expanding, so is the need for smart TVs utilization. According to the changing lifestyles and interests of the users, they can personalize their smart TV by selecting the applications that they desire and that are suitable to their requirements. The most distinguished feature of Smart TVs is their ability to provide unique access to the internet, so the user should know where to shop for the accessories for the right system set up at home.