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Top 6 Kitchen Appliances To Make Student Life Comfortable

In the lead up to starting a new chapter in life at college or university, students begin to gather their belongings together. During this time many realise they do not have all of the essentials they require.
Some dorms are fully furnished, yet many students realise they require various appliances to make live in life easier and more convenient. Here we have listed the top six kitchen appliances in Australia to make student life more comfortable and convenient.

1. Coffee Maker
The students need to fuel themselves up to complete the urgent assignments or prepare notes for the next test. Sometimes, it is just bad time management by the students, and sometimes they need to be wide awake at odd times so that they can study. In all circumstances, coffee is your best friend, especially if you are not a morning person or find it difficult to keep from dosing off while preparing for an exam. Coffee makers are one of the top demanded kitchen appliances in Perth.

A coffee maker will help you satisfy the sudden craving for a hot, steaming cuppa, and will help save money at the same time. Visiting the coffee shop frequently not only takes its toll on your wallet but also distracts you. A single serving pod brewer with an insulated mug is the best thing a student can have for the dorm.

Tip – When buying kitchen appliances like the coffee maker, make sure that it requires minimal cleanup. Avoid white colour or other lighter shades.

2. Small Blender
Students are always running short of time. At home, the mothers take care of their meals but at the college dorm, they need a quick-mom-alternative for preparing meals without wasting time. A small blender is an amazing equipment to make a smoothie or a milkshake before catching the first class at college. Blenders are also good to make instant jelly or pudding to satisfy your hunger whenever the need arises.

TipBuy a small plastic blender to avoid breakage and check the sharpness of the blades. A small blender with 1 litre jug, 1 serving glass, and detachable blades for cleaning will be a good choice for a busy dorm life.

3. Electric Cooker
A small electric cooker is all a student wants to enjoy home-like meals prepared in the shortest possible time. There are many good brands of kitchen appliances on the market which come with quick recipes and built-in auto-cook functions to help the students cook food in less time. You may also pick quick recipes from the internet. Different types of cookers can also be selected from kitchen appliances online.

TipPurchase an electric cooker with adjustable heating system. Instead of selecting the touch mode, select a cooker with a switch to choose the heating or cooking number. Electric cookers with switches tend to expire later than the touch button cookers. Also, choose a darker shade of the cooker for convenient cleaning.

4. Portable Cooktop Burner
Induction cooktop burners are portable burners which allow the students to cook food the traditional way. Apart from exhibiting their specialty or traditional foods in the college events, the students may also want to cook home-like food on the weekends or cook something special for a party at a friend’s place. Induction cooktop burners are also safer to cook all types of foods as they don’t use gas flames or electricity.

Tip – Choose an induction cooktop burner with alternative cooking system as well so that it keeps working even if the induction system fails in any sudden case.

5. Microwave Oven
Many students prefer cooking food in the microwave oven. Apart from the cooking microwave ovens, simpler and smaller microwave ovens may also be purchased to heat the stored food for midnight cravings or serve food to the friends. Microwave ovens also come with microwave cookware including bacon rack, food steamer, and waffle mould. Choose a compact microwave with cooking options and purchase the microwave cookware according to your choice.

Tip – Microwaves come in a variety of colours. Silver gray and brown microwaves tend to get less dirty as compared to white and black microwave ovens. Make sure that you pick the right colours if you choose pattern designs when buying kitchen appliances.

6. Dorm Size Refrigerator
As students, we know that we always need something to munch even if we are unable to finish the platter. A dorm size refrigerator is required to keep not only the leftover food but also to store fresh food items. The kitchen appliances in Perth offer great variety in refrigerator sizes, style, quality and customization.

Tip – For purchasing the dorm size refrigerator, buy the one with more number of shelves and a small built-in freezer. Choose a colour that requires less cleaning like metal gray and silver blue.

It is ideal to start preparing for your move weeks before the big day. For purchasing the electric and dorm supplies, search kitchen appliances online, note down the model numbers and prices and visit the local stores to buy the products only after checking them at the store.

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