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Comprehensive Guide on Smart TV Buying in Australia

Meaning of a Smart TV

A smart TV was initially known as “Connected TV” and was branded by big companies, namely, LG and Samsung as the “smart TVs”. A smart TV means any type of television that can be easily connected with the Internet for streaming media and media access and to run certain entertainment apps like, online music stations, rental video services or web browsers. Nearly all the major Television manufacturers are making smart TV these days. The list of the biggest smart television manufacturers includes TCL, Sony, Sharp, Teac, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Hisense.

Smart TV and the internet connection

Smart TVs are required to be connected to an Internet network. For this, they require either a direct, built in Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection which is then connected to a home network. People having big homes should double check the coverage of their Wi-Fi. Suppose, if the smart TV is placed in the basement and the Wi-Fi router is placed on the third floor, then the smart TV will certainly not able to stream the online media and will work with a lot of hiccups.

If you are encountering a lot of problems while connecting your smart TV to the internet connection, you have got a few options that might provide a solution to your weak wireless signal problem but the options are not foolproof. The first remedy is to try moving your Wi-Fi router close to where the smart TV is placed. If your Wi-Fi router is quite old, say more than five years, then consider replacing it with a new one as the latest wireless routers have a greater standard range than the old ones. If none of the above mentioned solutions work, then you can also consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender which is provided by companies like Netgear. But these extenders need a lot of patience and some time to install and set up.

Software and New Features

Smart TV’s do not have a standard interface or an operating system which can distinguish them from each other. But, practically, every smart TV manufacturer uses a unique graphical presentation and different software. Further, most of the smart TV makers are customizing and adding their own apps. They are also doing regular software updates and if some company adds a new feature like twitter, then the other companies follow the suit.

You can also compare the prices of various brands of Smart TV in Australia. There are many deals on the smart TVs and you can buy one at a cost of $150 or more. Smart TV prices are quickly narrowing and soon will have all the major inbuilt smart services. So, smart TV prices are giving you more than just an internet connection and the entertaining apps. At this price, smart TVs also offer video processing or an awesome quality of pictures and an HDMI port at the back. You can find the best smart TV deals in Australia! Some manufacturers even give the added advantage of free delivery.

Each and every smart TV manufactured by different manufacturers can be distinguished because of the usage of different software and different apps. Before deciding to purchase a smart TV, the users should check on the manufacturer’s website that which features and apps are they giving in the smart TV.

Pros and Cons Associated With The Purchase of Smart TVs

No doubt that the price of Smart TVs is a bit high as compared to the “non- smart” TVs. But with the associated higher costs come the benefits of convenience and the complete entertainment with full internet access and the apps. Many people are of the view that purchasing a smart TV is not a wise decision at all. But, certainly smart TVs are a great and unique piece of technology.


  1. Smart TVs do not require the purchase of an OTT box.
  2. Smart TVs provide access to Hulu and Netflix TV movies and shows with an internet access.
  3. Some of the Smart TVs let their users listen to their favorite music. Further, users can also connect their smart TV to the Amazon music and play their favorite songs.
  4. Smart TVs provide an easy access to the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, etc.
  5. Game lovers can play their favorite games on a smart TV such as angry birds and much more.
  6. A smart TV comes with an added advantage of a remote control feature. The user can access all the apps through smart TV and control it through a remote. The search types become more efficient as the user has access to the QWERTY keypad.


  1. Smart TVs are a bit costly than other TVs in the market. They involve twenty to twenty five percent additional costs because of the OTT box etc.
  2. Although smart TVs enable the social media access, but social media such as Facebook and Twitter are already accessible through our smart phones. So, there is no need to go for a smart TV purchase especially for such features.
  3. There are some smart TVs, which have some very high end apps already included in them and there is no scope to add more apps or update them. So the user is stuck. So while purchasing a smart TV, ensure that you can add more apps to your smart TV.


As the entertainment options accessible through internet are expanding, so is the need for smart TVs utilization. According to the changing lifestyles and interests of the users, they can personalize their smart TV by selecting the applications that they desire and that are suitable to their requirements. The most distinguished feature of Smart TVs is their ability to provide unique access to the internet, so the user should know where to shop for the accessories for the right system set up at home.

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