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9 Tips for Buying Laptops for Students

Students are always in the need of the most modern technology to access their academic resources. They keep on searching the best on laptops in order to save more for the school and college expenses. A proper research of the market can help you find different deals on laptops and to buy laptops at lowest price. In the given tips to buy laptops for students, we have tried to focus not only on the price but other most relevant factors as well. Read below to buy laptops at lowest prices and add some ease to your struggle for education.

1. Choose Smaller Size and More Portable Devices
15 and 17 inch screens often attract the students with sweet perks of HD display for watching a movie. But the students need to be more concerned about the smaller sized devices that are more portable and easy to carry to the college or school. Many popular brands are producing laptops for students which are also called notebooks. You can choose the best prices on laptops according to your budget.
2. Differentiate between Chromebooks, Tablets and Laptops When in the Market
In order to buy laptops at ultimate price, the students may confuse between Chromebooks, tablets and laptops. Make sure that the deals on laptops in the market do not include Chromebooks and tablets. It is better to become technically handy on laptops. Chromebooks require constant web connection whereas tablets are smaller in size ranging from 7 to 10 inch screens.

3. Pick Laptops with Accessories
Many schools and colleges provide academic material in the form of DVDs and CDs to the students. Some schools have online portals for quick access to the downloadable academic material and professor’s lectures. Make sure that your laptop contains all the accessories including easy Wifi connection, DVD player and at least 3 USB ports.

4. Check the Quality
The tricks to make the students pay extra to the manufacturers include adding fancy items to the laptops like high definition display and velvety texture. But you need to be more cautious when checking the quality of the laptop. For students, the quality of keyboard, touchpad and speakers is as important as the quality of display.

5. Compare Windows Compatibility before Buying a Laptop
Many students compromise on the academic needs when they choose to buy laptops at lowest prices. This phenomenon may become a financial and educational barrier. Choose a laptop that best suits your academic needs. Also, technically assess the compatibility of laptops for keeping yourself safe from any financial loss. For example, Windows 10 is technically devised for touchscreen user-interface. If your academic purposes include less typing jobs and assignments, then you may choose a touchscreen laptop and install Windows 10 in it.

6. Choose Specs for the Long Run
The cheap deals on laptops may not contain the most wanted specs. The tip to pay best prices on laptops is to check the specs and assess their potential to support your academic career in the long run. If you want your laptop to work efficiently for you in the next couple of years, choose Intel’s 5th generation CPU, minimum 4GB or higher RAM, 7200-rpm hard drive, dual band WiFi card, two to three USB ports and minimum 1600×900-pixel resolution display.

7. Give Priority to Battery Life
An average laptop offers 6 hours of battery life which gradually drops with time. The laptops for students come with increased battery life. If you cannot afford one with high battery life then you may also purchase power backup device for your laptop.

8. Get Discounts on Software
When purchasing a laptop, it is important to consider the expenses of the software as well. You can save on the software by purchasing them with your student email ID. For example, Microsoft offers four year clean access to MS Excel, Powerpoint, Word, OneNote, Outlook and Skydrive storage in $80, which means that you pay only $20 as a student for the subscription which is worth hundreds of dollars for other people.

9. Save More with Tracking Software
No matter if you buy laptops at lowest price or expensive rates the tracking software is essential to save your investment. There have been countless cases of laptops reported to be stolen in the campus. The tracking software can help you track your device and recover it if you face any such extreme case.

The deals on laptops may also contain faulty devices. Make sure that you completely check the laptop before purchasing one. Also, make sure that you purchase laptops at best price from an authentic seller.