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Top 6 Things to Consider When Buying a Car for the First Time

The first car buying experience tends to be exciting for most people. But it can also be a stressful and overwhelming experience filled with uncertainty and hesitation. If you take time to do your research before visiting a car dealer, your first car buying experience can turn out to be a less stressful and even fun event.

You will find different kinds of new and used cars for sale in Perth. However, selecting the best car from among them is not an easy task at all. The first car purchase is a landmark event for most people. It represents freedom from the drudgery of using public transport, and it’s possession demonstrates achievement, personality, persistence, and most importantly success.

Usually, it is also a purchase that will remain with you for a long time. So, its important that you shop smartly during your first car buying process.

Below we have come up with some tips and advises that will help ease the car buying process especially for first time buyers.

1. Set a Realistic Budget
Before you visit a car dealer that offers new and used cars for sale in Perth, you must first set a realistic budget for the car. The excitement of buying the car must not get into the way of making good financial decision. You need to find out the maximum amount you can afford to spend on the car purchase.

When making a budget for the car, you must note that there are many costs to consider besides a car’s listed price. Some of the costs that adds to the price of the car include stamp duty, transfer fees, withholding tax, and others. Taking these additional costs into consideration will ensure that you stay within the budget when making the car purchase.

2. Decide Whether to Buy a New or Second Hand Car
Next, you must decide whether you want to buy a brand new of a second hand car. Buying a second hand car will save you cash in the form of reduced car price, lower tax and insurance. On the other hand, the finance charges on used car purchase are also higher. You would have to pay greater finance charges on the purchase of a used car. In addition, the used car would not have the latest technologies that are included in the latest model car. Before deciding on whether to buy a used or a new car, you must list the pros and cons of each model car and then select one that best fulfils your needs and requirements.

3. Financing the Car Purchase
You have two options to finance the car purchase. You can either pay for the car through your own savings or take out a loan. If you want to take out a loan, you should shop around and search for the best deal. However, you should know that getting a loan to purchase the car would increase the total costs as compared to purchasing it outright.

4. Research for the Ideal Car
With a clear budget of the car, you must conduct a thorough investigation to home in on the best car type and model that meets your requirements. You have various choices when it comes to selecting a car. You can opt for a SUV, cross over SUV, station wagon, minivan, convertible, mid-size, full size,  luxury, compact, subcompact, and sports car.  Moreover, you have to various choices regarding brand or car maker. You also select from among hybrid, gasoline, or diesel powered cars.

To get detailed information about the car you must read reliable car review sites. Some of the car attributes that you must look for in the reviews include horsepower, economy mileage, safety ratings, handling and reliability, and interior accessories.

5. Schedule Inspection and Test Drive of the Car
After you have homed in on the exact model you want, you must next schedule an inspection of the vehicle. Never purchase a car without conducting detailed car inspection. This is especially necessary if you are buying a second hand car. Make a list of items to check during test drive of the car. You will get around 30 – 40 minutes to test drive and inspect the car. So, it’s essential that you make the most of your time and carefully inspect the car.

You should inspect both the interior and exterior of the car. Some of the things that you should check when inspecting the interior of the car include car stereo, A/C, vipers, power windows, steering wheel, pedal, and seat covers, carpeting, dashboard, and locks. On the exterior of the car, you should look for dents, scratches, scrapes, on the car’s body, inspect car paint, tires and wheel, bumpers, headlights, brake lights, turn signals. You must also keep a look out for engine and radiator leaks. Finally, you must ensure that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) written on the engine bay matches the documents.

During the test drive you must check the handling, braking, and acceleration of the vehicle. You also have to make sure that no noise or noise is coming from the engine.

6. Negotiate for the Price Like a Pro
Note that the list price is not the full and final price of the vehicle. When negotiating for the car price, you should take an experienced car owner with you. This will make sure that that you fully under the car salesman’s language. And get the best rates on the car.

Taking the above tips in consideration will help ease the first car buying experience. Buying a car can be an intimidating experience for both new and old car buyers. It involves a lot of costs that runs into thousands of dollars. So, it’s important that you undertake thorough research and evaluate new and used car for sale in Perth carefully before making a purchase. The effort spent in making sure that you buy the best car will go a long way into ensuring the car performs well according to your expectations and requirements.

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